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We have developed an inorganic material based on synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide withan average primary particle size of 150 nm and a specific surface area of 20 m2/g, called SIDISTAR Every one knows that plastic is a fantastic material in a fault and rain water application field.

There are lots of advantages in use of plastics: very good hydraulics (low material roughness), no incrustation (no sediment / sludge influence on a pipe surface), tightness of connections, durable materials / long life of a system, chemical resistance, light weight, ease of installation.

Lacking an ASTM requirement to be in a specific area of color space, the organic pigment formulas are seen to reach the same area of color space as current commercial pipe with no economic penalty.

This pipe showed excellent long-term creep strength compared with the PE80 gas pipe or pipes reinforced with other kinds of resin.If 50% of sewage network operators in Germany changed to the use of PE-80 piping, the newly generated market potential would be around 5.000 km / year in the diameter range 280 –560 mm and 3.000 km in the dimension 160mm.This future market potential is already bigger that the combined gas and drinking water PE market in Germany today.The PPCA cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of any information contained within the paper or abstract and any opinion expressed therein is that of the author not the PPCA PPCA is a global association dedicated to the ongoing creation and distribution of technical and application information on plastic pipes system in order to educate and expand their safe, cost effective and sustainable use.The DSC appears to be an appropriate method at a reasonable cost to assess a very importantparameter of rigid PVC processing in a very large range of practical formulations without the need of recalibrating the method for each new additive and it will make it possible for the processor to optimise as well the product quality as the process itself.

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In polyolefins, talc is recognized as one of the most efficient filler to bring efficient mechanical reinforcement, superior dimensional stability and part isotropy and temperature resistance.