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For a time in Season 3, Cole appeared to be attracted strictly to plus-sized women and dated a security guard named Big Shirley (who is fully seen in only one episode; another episode only showed her below the neck to portray her as being much taller and bigger than Cole).

Whenever trouble arises, he feels the overwhelming need to dance.

Sheneneh is the owner/operator of Sheneneh s Sho Nuff Hair Salon.

Martin always finds himself having rather strange conversations with him.In another episode he served as Martin s cut-rate wedding planner , armed with a shopping cart brimming with plastic flowers, chitlin loaf, and a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor—Martin s retaliation for Gina s choice of a more elegant and ridiculously overpriced wedding planner. ] proposed to his even more dimwitted, but attractive and devoted girlfriend Shanise (portrayed by Maura Mc Dade), and they made plans to move into their own place. The only characters that appeared in Season 5 were Sheneneh, Roscoe and Elroy.Evelyn Porter (La Wanda Page): A senior resident who lives in Martin s apartment building who is also friends with Mama Payne and Cole s mother, Maddie.Because of this, he s often challenged to physical fights following his abrasive behavior.Mama Payne does not appear but her voice is heard in the holiday episode Scrooge tisha campbell martin dating.

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Roscoe only appears once during the first, fifth and final season.