Ryan gosling dating co stars

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'When I was growing up, television was my best friend,' he says. In fact, when I was punished, my punishment was that I could not watch TV. The story goes that Gosling was such a bad influence on the future popstrels that their mothers complained to the studio.

'I was just telling them what I'd heard about sex,' he says.

But for some reason, I could never identify with it.'Indeed, Gosling had a difficult childhood in which he struggled, like some of the misfits he portrays, to identify with his peers. I also remember that I kept stealing a girl neighbour out of her house. He remains grateful for her sacrifice.'Honestly, none of my behaviour was prompted by my home life,' he says.

'It was more that I just wanted to be a man, have a job, a real place, date girls and get on with it.

He hit the headlines when he went on to date Bullock.

It was his role in The Notebook, however, that brought him to international attention, securing the first of his many (unwanted) appearances on magazine 'hot' lists, and his second high-profile romance. 'Despite his intense dislike of media scrutiny, Gosling is less wary than he used to be.

If they ever lost the bear, it would be traumatic for them.'Their relationship is now 18 months old, stretching back to the autumn of 2006 when Gosling signed up to play Lars Lindstrom in Lars and the Real Girl, an offbeat comedy-drama by the screenwriter Nancy Oliver, of Six Feet Under fame.Ryan Gosling's attitude got him fired by Disney when he was just 12 years old.Today it's made him one of the most terrifyingly intense actors in Hollywood, capable of making even an on-screen romance with a rubber doll seem believable.It's almost as if he and his co-stars are in different films.'That's true, it is like I'm in a different movie,' he says, 'and they're both great films.While everyone was building their relationships, I created one of my own with Bianca. I know it sounds crazy, but Bianca became fascinating, and that's why I have taken her home and put her upstairs.

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I ran dialogue with her - like we were in our own silent movie. You could see the effects on everybody, not just me.