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That’s all we’ve been taught and so far as I know it’s all that’s there. We unite people in temples family to family to family and someday, somewhere have this entire family together under the Fatherhood of God, that that will be the ideal celestial life.

YSA’s were encouraged to continue the conversation on social media, long after the evening ended using #ldsface2face Hope was the recurring theme of the night—that no matter how difficult things are, they are God’s entire investment. “It is through the very grace of God—through the Atonement and the shedding of the only innocent person that ever lived on this planet—that we are redeemed and restored and given new life and new love and new hope and new happiness.“ Elder Holland warned the Young Adults, “You don’t have to be hasty and you don’t have to have peptic ulcers over getting married, but you also should not hold back on a good thing. “When we got married we had 0 between us…We had each other and faith and prayer and the gospel and we were crazy about each other and on three hundred dollars we went for broke. Don’t wait until you have a job or a home or a car or two or three.You’ll miss all the things you would have gone through together.” Elder Holland said that to have a good marriage you have to work at it, “but every good thing I know of in this world you have to work at…Of all the things in this world He will help you with, He will help you with your marriages and your families.One of the fruits of the atonement is hope that whatever our circumstances might be, whatever our challenge is that it’s not the end, that there is a temporary nature to it.” He said we have to continue to move out and not give up and not back off because we know who we are and we know the plan.“We seek not to have disappointments turn into discouragements…

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