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The city lies in the midst of hills in the Kandy plateau, which crosses an area of tropical plantations, mainly tea.

During the Vas the monks are expected to dwell permanently in their temples and suspend all traveling.

Sri lankan mothers smother their children ( especially boys ) like crazy. how do you expect your son to grow up into a man and fend for himself? One of my friends is the ultimate gold digger ( sorry D ) she doesn't pay for anything. mama oyata kamathi ' verbal abuse, love letters in books, unknown missed calls, following girls to their houses ( stalking ), creepy SMS's ( text's) .. ) he desperately tries to keep them because they know as soon as they let the girl go there are about 10 million other stalkers .. So you better suck up and spend your mom and dad's hard earned money that they gave you for tuition fee's on your ' sudu manike' ( white gem??

They cook, clean, wash and tend to their every need. Do you honestly think that he will have an independent life after you have suffocated him with motherly love? ) or she will be hanging out with Siripala from the handiya bakery sooner or later. Whether be it your dad, brother, husband or bf they all just have such good hearts..

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